• This means it is Time for Engine Repair

    For many people a new car, or any car for that matter, is a large investment. We use are cars for business and pleasure and rely on them day in and day out to provide us with safe and reliable transportation. In order to keep your car running great it is important to provide it […]

  • 5 Tips for Locating an Expert Auto Repair Shop in Laurel

    Searching for auto repair that you can actually trust can be difficult. There seems to be so many shops in every community, so how can you tell who is really there to help, and who is going to be the mechanic that always seems to find a bigger problem than you expected? Well there are […]

  • 5 Common Reasons the Check Engine Light Illuminates

    Does the check engine light scare you? It shouldn’t, unless it has been on for quite some time. This little glowing light is triggered by sensors all over your vehicle that are helping to ensure your car or truck is running at peak performance. That light is there to let you know it’s time to […]

  • How do I know when I need to get a tune-up?

    For many people, it’s tempting to put off getting into the shop for a tune-up, especially if there are no signs of an obvious problem. However, a tune-up is just the kind of thing that can help prevent a major problem from arising in the first place. As you jump into your car to go […]

  • How Regular Auto Maintenance Saves You Money

    Everyone loves to save money, right? As a vehicle owner there is always a risk of having to spend hundreds of dollars in order to repair issues that suddenly appear. However there are several services that you can have conducted to ensure the risk of a breakdown is highly reduced. By completing routine auto maintenance […]

  • 4 Signs it’s Time for Shock, Strut or Suspension Repair

    People aren’t wrong when they associate the suspension system with ride comfort, but it does much more than that. The shocks, struts and other components of the suspension are tasked with keeping all four wheels on the ground at any given time. This ensures you have adequate braking power and it prevents your vehicle from […]

  • Does this Mean I Need Brake Repair? Yes!

    Throughout automotive history nothing has been created that beats the brakes when it comes to car safety. It is integral that you pay close attention to any signs that may mean your vehicle is due for brake service. There are many issues you may run into, and at the first sign of any of the […]

  • Does my Vehicle Need a Wheel Alignment?

    When you drive a new vehicle off of the dealership lot you would be able to pull onto a straight road and take your hands off the steering wheel and notice that the car will continue to drive straight without much, if any, driver intervention (don’t try this at home!). However, as vehicles age and […]