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  • Does this Mean I Need Brake Repair? Yes!

    Throughout automotive history nothing has been created that beats the brakes when it comes to car safety. It is integral that you pay close attention to any signs that may mean your vehicle is due for brake service. There are many issues you may run into, and at the first sign of any of the following don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local auto repair shop. It is up to you to keep your vehicle safe and reliable to operate.

    ABS Dashboard Light

    Your dashboard has several indicator lights that include the check engine light, battery light, seat belt warning light and an ABS light. The latter stands for the anti-lock braking system, which uses sensors to prevent your brakes from locking up under harsh braking conditions. If this light turns on head to the repair shop before it’s too late, as there could be a serious issue at hand.

    Odd Vibrations

    Vibrations that occur in the brake pedal, steering wheel or throughout the vehicle as you slow down likely indicates warped rotors or drums. This means the brake pads don’t have the smooth surface they need to create the necessary friction to safely slow the vehicle.

    Vehicle Pulling

    If your car pulls to the left or right when you hit the brakes it is probable that you have brake pads wearing unevenly on either side of the car. Unfortunately this may be caused by something more serious, such as impurities in the brake fluid or a malfunctioning wheel cylinder.

    Soft or Spongy Brake Pedal

    Does the brake pedal easily go to the floor without providing much braking power? This indicates a couple potential problems. More than likely it simply means your vehicle has highly worn brake pads which require replacement. Truth be told, it could be a much more dangerous problem. Air in the brake line or even a brake fluid leak can also cause this issue.

    Grinding Noises

    More than likely, one of the first signs that you’re having brake trouble will likely be sensed by your ears. If you hear a grinding, squealing or howling noise as you brake it means your brake pads are worn down and metal is grinding on metal, which greatly depletes your ability to brake with ease.

    Never put off having brake problems repaired, as doing so could result in complete brake failure. To schedule an appointment for brake repair in Laurel , VA make an appointment with the ASE Certified team at All Star Automotive Total Car Care Center. Our shop can handle any auto maintenance or repair service that your vehicle requires to remain on the road. Give us a call at (240) 294-3312 to request an estimate for superior auto repair in Laurel today!