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How Regular Auto Maintenance Saves You Money

Everyone loves to save money, right? As a vehicle owner there is always a risk of having to spend hundreds of dollars in order to repair issues that suddenly appear. However there are several services that you can have conducted to ensure the risk of a breakdown is highly reduced. By completing routine auto maintenance on your vehicle you help your car by keeping it in peak operating condition, thus reducing the chance of major parts failing. It is simple to understand that if your car doesn’t breakdown you will save money, right? Let’s take a closer look at why conducting routine maintenance at the dealer will help keep your wallet a bit thicker.

Preventative maintenance services

By conducting preventative maintenance service for your vehicle you are ensuring that there’s no parts on the verge of failing. Replacing a part before it breaks costs much less than having to service the vehicle after a breakdown. This is because when one part breaks it may result in damage to others around it.

Tips from a factory trained mechanic

During service at a dealership a highly trained mechanic will be able to give your vehicle a look over in order to inform you of other services that should be performed to extend its life. The services recommended may include routine maintenance that you may have previously missed out on completing, or minor repairs that will prevent breakdowns.

Uncover potential issues

During these inspections the mechanic may identify serious issues that need to be repaired as soon as possible. A repair that would cost $100 today may end up costing thousands of dollars tomorrow.

Save on labor costs

Routine maintenance generally takes less time than more complicated repairs. Since many services are charged by the hour it will cost much less to have scheduled services completed than having to conduct lengthy repairs.

No towing costs

Of course if your vehicle ever breaks down there’s a good chance that you will need to call a tow truck in order to get your car to the repair center. Tow trucks can be very expensive and preventative maintenance is a great way to avoid ever needing to use one.

So do you understand why preventative maintenance is so important for your vehicle? Not only does it keep your car healthy but it saves you much money in the long run. If you need factory scheduled auto maintenance in Laurel head to All Star Automotive Total Car Care Center. Our team of ASE certified technicians offer complete auto repair for all makes and models of vehicles. To schedule an appointment for auto repair in Laurel at ATL call (240) 294-3312 today!

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