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This means it is Time for Engine Repair

For many people a new car, or any car for that matter, is a large investment. We use are cars for business and pleasure and rely on them day in and day out to provide us with safe and reliable transportation. In order to keep your car running great it is important to provide it with routine maintenance services. Denying your vehicle of tune ups and other check up issues could lead to massive engine wear. Of course, general wear and tear occurs with high mileage. Either way, it is important to always pay attention to signs your car’s engine could be in trouble. That way, should you encounter any of these signs of engine problems, you’ll have time to get to the repair shop before they result in a break down.

Blue Exhaust Smoke

If your vehicle is producing blue exhaust smoke it means oil is likely burning with fuel in the engine. This usually means that the piston rings have worn down allowing oil to drip into the cylinders, which results in it being burnt in the combustion chamber. If oil is being burned it means the motor is being lubricated improperly which may lead to major engine trouble due to the unwanted friction thanks to a lack of oil.

Knocking Engine

Car engines have many moving parts inside of them and many of these parts rely on engine bearings to be able to move about freely. If the bearings become worn due to improper lubrication or general wear and tear that any high mileage vehicle takes on the bearings will begin to create a loud knocking noise. If the bearings fail completely the engine will seize Repairing this would require immense engine repair or an engine replacement.

Metal Flakes in the Engine Oil

When you go to the auto shop to have the oil changed be sure the technician checks for metal flakes in the used oil that has been drained from the vehicle. If you find any then it could mean that there is unwanted metal on metal friction occurring inside the motor, thus resulting in exaggerated engine wear. This will cause your car’s engine to fail prematurely. A mechanic will need to further the issue inside the engine to determine if a rebuild, repair or replacement will be necessary.

If you think your car is suffering from engine issues don’t wait for it to get worse. Repairing the problem before it gets worse will save you in the long run. If it is time for engine repair in Laurel head to All Star Automotive Total Car Care Center. Our full service auto repair facilities are staffed by expert technicians who are eager to help you keep your car healthy. Give us a call at the location nearest you to schedule auto repair in Laurel . Be sure to check out our special offers.

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