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Shocks & Struts Replacement & Service

Keep Your Car From Bouncing Today! Tire

Car rides are supposed to be smooth and pleasant, but when they start to become as bouncy as a bunny the All Star Automotive Total Car Care Center team has the fix for you! Shocks and struts deal with a vehicle’s suspension, with the shocks preventing the bounce while the struts are an integral part of your suspension system. When they are out of whack it can make for quite a frustrating ride. Our ASE certified mechanics are experts at getting your suspension system back into the proper place so that you can fully enjoy your own vehicle. Aside from bouncing there are several signs that you should look for that indicate you may be in need of shocks or strut service.

Signs you might need shock or strut service include:

  • Damaged or oily shocks
  • Nose dives while stopping
  • Uneven treads on your tires
  • Drifting or pulling during turns

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